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Innovative Data Management System

A file dependency graph of « Big buck bunny » characters, a 3D open animation movie project from the Blender Foundation


Collaborative by Design

The system tracks the files on the connected file storage, providing revision control. The users access the files as usual, with their usual content creation software. The server and the storage can replicate among multiple sites and many options are available to setup a seamless distant team work over the Internet.

Link Source Files or any Document

Track your source images, animations, data files, and any document then start connecting them to build graphs of your projects.

Build your Own Server

Our server code base is a Free (as in Freedom) Software. You have the source code. You control. And we would like you to get involved, contribute to the source code if you can, build new interfaces, extensions, or simply use it and give your feedback. There are many ways to contribute.

The Engine

The source code is distributed under the GPLv3 licence. The repository contains a NodeJS server, a data model for MongoDB, and the API implementation for Python and Javascript languages and the command line, to access the server remotely, based on strict specifications.

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A good basis to start your own nodal asset management system, integrate it in your creation pipeline and extend it to your needs.

The Interfaces

The Javascript and Python API implementations allow to integrate Damas into an existing software such as Autodesk Maya or to build a new standalone interface from scratch.

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A schematic of the architecture of the software - Connectable to many interfaces

Annotated screenshot Annotated screenshot

Generic web interface sheet

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Standalone web interfaces

The screenshot of the asset browser for Maya is courtesy of Cyber Group Studios.


These 3D feature films and TV series used Damas for the management of the digital assets:

movies and tv series

Left to right: Igor, Un Monstre à Paris, Tatonka, Couleur de peau: Miel, Zou et Zou2, Mademoiselle Zazie, Mia, Zorro Chronicles

On a single or multiple production sites, online or hybrid with an automated synchronization of the assets.

This is a promotional video made for the Annecy Film Festival in 2013


If you want to contribute to the development you can fork the source code repository to make your changes and trigger pull requests when you want them to be reviewed and integrated to the main repository.

To report an issue on damas-core, please use the issue tracking system integrated to the Github repository.

The development of Damas and damas-core is driven by PRIMCODE, a company in charge of the roadmap, the release of versions, code consistency, issue tracking, custom interfaces development, installations on the cloud, support and training. Please let us have your feedback: contact@primcode.com

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